A choice of enemies

Posted: نوفمبر 13, 2009 in bullshets of the world

The united states will still find itself invited to choose enemies and stand by friends.we have seen the pitfalls.designated enemies can find support in an unexpected places or learn to play off their opponents against each other.the interests of friends can conflict creeping awkward choices priorities and challenges of conciliation.the rhetorical of good versus evil .the polorising demands of “with us or against us” the insistence on one strategic imperative above all others are undermined by the complexity of regional conflicts and the interplay of difference. recent years have demonstrated the challenges facing any attempt to forge a coherent policy toward the middle east but it is not a new problem and was just as evident during the cold war as it has been during th war on terror.For americans the challenge is to revive their diplomatic skills learning how to work with the local political grain without loosing a sense of purpose and principal pushing parties to cooperation supporting social and economic along with political reform and encouraging positive engagement with the rest of the world.If the region is to advance not only must american presdent make the right choice but the government and people of the middle east do so as well.


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