growing up

Posted: نوفمبر 13, 2009 in bullshets of the world

there comes a period of time when we turn grown ups…
we have the right to travel alone…to drink…and even to get married without anyone’s permission.
suddenly people start expecting from you to be reasonable,to be mature,to be grown up
we get taller,we get older….but the question is do we really grow up?
we make families,we get married,we get divorced….but most of the times we face the same problems we used to face when we were young.
it seems that we don’t have control on our hearts….situations can change and panic could cause our hearts to pump out our chests.
it doesn’t matter how tall we become…how old we get…we’ll always step far away and we’ll always wonder…we’ll always stay young….that’s the part of growing up

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